Beringia Arctic Games


July 22 – 24

Chukotka, Russia
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Beringia Arktiske Lege


Juli 19 – 21

Chukotka, Russia

Peoples from 7 Arctic Nations
coming together to play
Our Games


in wild chukotka


Wild Chukotka
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Where mammoth once roamed — and Grizzlys still do


Bering Land Bridge

Some 14000 Years Ago


the first people walked here


from Chukotka, across Beringia

To Discover North America — and Beyond

Chukotka Petroglyphs

In 2016 we return here to chukotka for the

Beringian Arctic Games

To Compete

To Celebrate

Reindeer Woman

Traditional Food

White Swans

Dancing Mukluks

Story Telling

Native Arts

Walrus Drumming

Hunter Dancer

Traditional Fashion


Passed from generation to generation the games of the north helped Arctic peoples adapt to change.   They test endurance, strength and agility;   They bring people together to have fun — most of all they celebrate the traditions and rich heritage of one of the world’s oldest and most adaptable cultures.

One Kick

One-Foot Kick trains skills hunters use to communicate over distances

Stick Pull, Knuckle Hop, Toe Walk, Eagle Carrier, One-Arm Reach, Drop the Bomb, Crab Walk…


they are not just games, they are survival skills
  • Kick

  • Regatta

  • Rope Pull

  • Wrestling

  • Handpull

— and they are a great way to explore lessons in math, physics, biology, geography, history, story telling…

with our arctic games curriculum

Millions of children will learn
Join us in Chukotka
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July 22 – 24, 2016
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